Teenage Engineering OP-Z Mega Tutorial Video

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

[youtube r87f_gQKlxo]

Clickable chapter index
04:15 Tutorial starts
04:31 OPZ vs pencil
04:56 OP-Z presentation of structure on iPad
09:32 User interface zones
11:54 Creating your first track using the timeline
12:43 Erase track / Erase pattern
13:47 Editing trigs
14:20 Creating trigs “endless style”
14:58 Parameter page 1: Synth + Filter
17:20 Shift button changes parameter page
18:38 Parameter page 2: ADSR Envelope
19:14 + - Octave shift
19:30 Parameter page 3: LFO
22:04 Parameter page 4: Mixing
23:56 Making a good bass sound
24:33 Metronome
25:20 Live recording a sequence
25:48 Nudging micro timing
26:52 Gradually quantising a track
28:12 Swing/Shuffle
28:50 Recording Chords
29:29 Track Length + playback speed
30:28 Live record up to 4 notes per trig
31:48 Quantising adapts to the track playback speed
32:50 Selecting the sound “plug”
34:35 Making a kick track
35:05 A subtle introduction to Step Components
39:13 Arpeggio Track
42:02 A word on OP-1 sample patch compatibility
43:26 Nailing that arpeggio track
44:44 Adding a snare
45:20 Fine tuning the mix
45:45 Exploring the lead track
47:01 Polyphone and glide setting of a track
49:45 Copy Patch and pattern and track settings
50:30 Save and recall a project backup
51:55 The No Save mode
52:55 FX tracks
54:56 Muting
55:24 Sequencing and FX track
56:36 Mute groups
58:02 Tape track
1:02:00 Tape track pitch bend = Tape stop
1:03:02 Master track transposing
1:06:40 Master track filter
1:07:01 Performance track, punch in FX
1:07:40 A quick glance at the app
1:11:10 Switching pattern, queue, chains, performing
1:18:22 A few words on the modules
1:19:39 A few words on the DMX light tracks
1:20:00 A few words on t he Motion 3D track
1:22:00 Managing sound plugs from the app
1:23:58 Don’t worry, it’ll play YOUR genre too
1:25:17 Outtro - Thanks to Lead Developer Jonas
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1:29:00 OP-1 packs are compatible with OPZ
1:29:40 Cuckoos T-shirts

Step Components Tutorial

[youtube GykxqT7413k]

Clickable Chapter links
0:48 Introduction to Step Components
2:29 Pulse (retrig+offset)
6:16 Pulse hold (extend trig length)
10:32 Multiply (retrig within step, dubstep repeat)
13:17 Velocity
15:08 Ramp up, Ramp down (transpose notes over time)
19:23 Random (randomised pitch, relative to the trig note)
21:57 Portamento (gliding pitch between two notes)
24:30 Sweep (Filter and parameter sweep over timer)
27:10 Tonality (Transpose and tried harmonic rules)
28:33 Jump (Jump to a certain point on the timeline)
30:03 Spark (trig og not trig, counting system)
35:56 Cuckoo Buildup + Performance…
42:05 Outtro