Return - Monomyth

We come to the final chapter of the hero’s journey. We must all return, and when we return what have we learned from our quest? The road of trials has been hard but maybe the toughest task is coming to terms with life after defeating the dragon. What is the new purpose when all goals seem to have been achieved?

Frenic finishes the epic Monomyth trilogy with “Return” and takes you on a journey of lo-fi trip-hop beats with deep electronica & sample manipulation.

“I started this trilogy as a way of thanks for the amazing journeys I have taken while on tour. In particular, Greece. I would like to thank Joseph Campbell for the inspiration and his amazing philosophy. I learned a lot researching these albums and these ideas will stay with me forever. I highly recommend you read his book, “A Hero with a Thousand faces” or watch his interview on the program, “The Power of Myth.” (Frenic)

Art work by Sugahtank credits released February 29, 2020